Q. Is there some kind of conspiracy between the airlines concerning flights on fridays and sundays? And have you checked fares for the upcoming holidays yet? They're through the roof! What gives here?

A. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are peak travel days, and airlines charge more for weekend travel because they know they can. After all, weekends are the only time of the week most people are free to travel. If you're schedule allows it, you'll save a considerable amount of cash by flying on other days.

And the same can be said of holiday fares. You'll find much much lower fares if you're willing to travel on Thanksgiving Day, for example, instead of the day before. That said, we've still managed to find some pretty reasonable fares for peak holiday travel.
Just check today's blog for examples. And for those folks out there who can't commit this early on to booking a ticket, due to work obligations or whatever, should consider checking sites like
lastminute.com for (as the name suggests) last minute holiday specials.

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