Baby On Board part II

Q. I have another question in response to last week's lap-baby Q&A: Several years back, my wife and I were flying to Europe with our 1 year old daughter. We used our frequent flier miles to upgrade to business class, but were told our daughter's fare would be 10% of business fare, which came to  $600! I asked United if we could just pay the 10% of the original coach fare, since neither fare came with an actual seat, but they declined. I later mailed United a complaint about the charge and they did send me a voucher for most of the amount. Anyway, is this standard practice?

A. Fortunately, it is not. And that's probably why United was so quick to send you a voucher. Sure, you may have been upgraded to business, but hey, your lap is just as no-frills as it would have been in coach. So unless they're doling out mini-jars of Gerbers foie gras and Tiffany's baby bottles of Dom Perignon 1953, we don't understand how they'd justify such a charge.

Glad to hear you were given a voucher, and you'll be pleased to hear that United no longer charges for lap children.