Q. I plan on flying home for Thanksgiving this year with my one-year old daughter. This will be my first time flying with a toddler and I was wondering what I should expect to spend for her fare. What's the norm?

A. Of course it varies according to airline, but can be anywhere from $10 to 10% of the adult fare for international flights.

Personally, we think it's a little silly to charge for babies/toddlers. After all, your kid isn't taking up a seat, and certainly isn't partaking of the free food and booze. Is the little tyke responsible for consuming extra jet fuel? We think not.

On a fare of say, $1200, you'll be billed $120 or more for the privilege of holding the child in your lap for 10 hours (on a business class fare of, say, $5000 you'll pay $500). Domestically, SkyBus, never to miss the chance to line their pockets, charges a $10 "administrative fee" for lap children. Is that to compensate for the oxygen your infant will be breathing during the flight (there is no charge if you stuff the junior in the overhead however….just kidding).

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