Q. Why do you no longer list Allegiant Air fares from St Pete-Clearwater airport and Sanford, FL airport?

A. We do list them, but not until after we've checked their fares each day first. So it may depend on what time of day you visit our site.

Allegiant raises and lowers their fares with no set pattern (they usually don't advertise their fare reductions) so we have to check manually (that's using real live human beings) each route, one by one; so if you check at 8 AM we may have no fares listed; but come back at noon, and voila, there they are. Also, if Allegiant jacks up the fare on a particular route, we won't list it until they have their next reduction. Allegiant often has sneak sales on weekends, so be sure to check our site on Saturday and Sunday too.

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