Q. Okay, I am pretty sick of this. I have gotten your alerts for months. Each and every time I try to retrieve the ACTUAL airfare you SAY exists, it DOES NOT. I am ready to sh--can your entire service. I see you as NOTHING more than "bait and switch" -- I dare you tell me otherwise. The fares you ADVERTISE do NOT exist. They aren't even close. Do you know this???!!! Do you even care? Why would you do business in such an unethical way? Do you think it's funny? And to boot you ask for a handout -- for customers to buy from Amazon through YOU... so you can get a kick back? I know you will NOT respond to this -- unless it's some LAME "boilerplate" response because you can't PROVE you actually have those airfares. In other words, you are a fake. I don't believe it for a minute. UNLESS your site is to be used by super sleuths and you and the Air services you contract with are determined to BURY the airfare where consumers can't find it - then you are a SHAM of a company. Tell me I am not the first person to say that. Bet if I conducted my own survey -- I'd get the same results... i.e. you are a bait and swtich bull---- company. DARE YOU TO RESPOND WITH HONESTY, ACCURACY, and PERSONALLY.

A. Sorry you're having problems finding the fares we list. We assure you they do exist, as do the hard-working individuals here at Airfarewatchdog who devote their time to finding them and may find your note to be a wee bit...oh,
I don't know... insulting?

For starters, make sure you've read our user's guide
here, especially the part about
flexible searches. The fares we list are not always available on every conceivable travel date.

If, after reading the user's guide, you can't find seats at a listed fare, please
contact us directly (and in a timely manner), specifying the route and dates you'd like to travel, and we'll do our best to find at least a few dates that the fare is available. Remember, we're always happy to help.

Oh, and by the way, you
are actually the first person to call us a sham company. We get dozens of sincere thank-yous from happy users of our
free service. In fact, most of the staff here is comprised of happy users who liked AFWD so much, they joined the team.

Also, another thing to consider is that we only earn revenue if someone books a fare via our site, so we'd hardly still be in business if people couldn't find seats at our listed prices, now would we?!

Oh, and speaking of Amazon purchases, you may want to consider picking
this up. Just a thought.

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