Q: I always look for cheap flights to Greenville SC. Nonstop flights are available, but too expensive. There are cheap connecting flights that get me close to Greenville, such as to Charlotte or Atlanta (I can rent a car for the rest of the way). However, all the bargain flights going to Charlotte, require a plane change in Atlanta. And if you book to Atlanta, you have to fly to Charlotte and change planes there anyway. What if I just take the first leg of the flight to Charlotte (getting off in Atlanta, and driving the rest of the way to Greenville) and then take the last leg of the flight coming back (getting on in Atlanta and not showing up for the first leg from Charlotte to Atlanta?) My main concern is, if I don't show for the first leg of the flight leaving from Charlotte, does my second leg flight from Atlanta get automatically cancelled??

A: Yes. If you don't show up for any leg of your trip, any remaining legs will indeed be cancelled.

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