Q: Don't you think it's false advertising to promote Allegiant Airlines' low fares considering that they charge $11 for seat assignments and for all checked luggage? Also, if the cancel a flight they only have one flight a day (and on some routes they don't fly every day) so you'll be stuck.

A: No, not at all. They're fares, all of which are for nonstop flights, are still bargains. Southwest doesn't even have the option of assigned seats, and I don't hear people giving them a hard time. It is what it is. And Allegiant is pretty up front about the seat assignment charge. They also charge for all drinks and snacks, which they detail as well on their site. However, they don't state how much they charge for bags checked underneath the plane. They should be more upfront about this (Spirit also charge for bags and all beverages, as did the now defunct Skybus). Still, if you don't mind where you sit and you don't check bags, Allegiant's fares are incredibly low.

As for the lack of flight frequency, the major airlines are so full that you'll have trouble finding a seat on their next flight out if they cancel your flight.

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