honey, I shrunk the soaps

Q: Can you recommend a product or website where I can buy travel sized containers of shampoo, mouthwash and so on that comply with the TSA's 3 ounce or less limits on liquids carried on board airplanes?

A: One good source is www.minimus.biz, which sells a wide variety of mini-sizes of everything, not just cosmetics and toiletries, but Raisin Bran and soy sauce, too. But perhaps a better, more economical idea is Easy Traveler, which manufactures (in the USA, they're proud to point out) a range of easily-filled, leak-proof tubes and other containers that are TSA-approved for carry-on luggage. You can transfer any liquid or gel (such as your favorite shampoo) from a large container (even a Costco-sized one) into a 2.5 ounce squeeze tube without spills or leaks. The online video shows how easy it is. The basic kit costs $25, but will easily save you that much or more over the cost of buying expensive mini-sized toiletries. You can also buy Nalgene leakproof bottles from the Container Store where they're currently having a sale on a a large assortment of travel related items.