Q: I booked a packaged vacation to Antigua through a travel agency. I called the airline to check on my flights times and seating just to be sure everything was in order. I was told that my return flight had been rescheduled to depart the next day. Now I have to pay for an extra night at the resort. The agency states that they are not at fault, the airline states that they can't help either. I think the airline should pay for the extra night, which is not cheap at $300. Do I have any recourse? Would travel insurance have covered this?

A: It's not really the agency's fault and there may be nothing they can do in the end, but the airline should definitely reimburse you for the extra night's stay. Your travel agency should go to bat for you. If they won't or if that doesn't work, write the airline yourself and demand that they cover your added expenses or at the very least give you a voucher for future travel. Travel Guard ( www.travelguard.com), for example, would reimburse you for expenses up to a specified amount under their policies' trip delay provisions, according to spokesperson Dan McGinnity. Other insurers, such as CSA and Access America, also sell policies that would have helped in this situation.

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