Q: I saw that United was having a sale to Taipei, so I got to wondering if it's worth a visit. Is it? Also, I gave up trying to find the official tourist site. Do you know where it's at?

A: I think Taiwan is one of the most fascinating and geographically diverse places to visit in Asia. Last year I woke up from a nap while flying across Asia and happened to look out my window at what appeared to be the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Grabbing the airline's inflight magazine, I quickly figured out from the route map that those frosty peaks were Taiwan's Yushan mountain range, whose highest peak is nearly 12,000 feet. The country's national parks also afford some brilliant scenery closer to earth, and the
National Palace Museum is home to the foremost collection of Chinese art and objects in the world (there are 700,000 treasures, only a fraction of which are on view at any one time). And if you're a shopper, you'll find amazing bargains on anything made in the country, including designer eyewear, electronics, computer parts, and bicycles.

taiwan.net.tw, the country's official tourist site, for more reasons to visit.

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