Q. Whats the story with Zoom Airlines? A while back, you guys were talking up their new JFK to London Gatwick service, but everytime I go to their web site and try to actually buy a ticket, I get some message about their approval status with the Department of Transportation. What gives?

Zoom Airlines, a Canadian airline, is waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting...) for final approval from the DOT before they can legally sell tickets to American citizens. If you happen to be a UK or Canadian citizen, and click accordingly on your country of origin on Zoom's web site, you'll have no problems purchasing tickets for this New York/London route. As for us Americans, we'll just have to wait. The folks at Zoom assure us that flights will operate as scheduled, with the first one set to depart JFK on June 21, and hope to receive the green light from the DOT within the next week, or very early June. With midsummer flights as low as $254 one-way, including taxes, we're cool with waiting. Sign up for their newsletter and receive word as soon as tickets go on sale. Or, you know, just check back with us.  

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