Q: I frequently purchase tickets for relatives. I am told most airlines do not allow me to get credit for the miles earned on these purchases, because I am not the traveling passenger. Do you know of any airlines that allow me to get frequent flyer credit for tickets that I purchase for someone else? OR is this standard through out the industry? Is my only option to apply for a credit card that allows me to accumulate miles based on purchases rather than miles I actually travel?

A: The only way I know to accomplish what you're asking is to join the
British Airways Executive Club frequent flyer program. You and up to six other members of your household, including children, can earn and redeem BA miles together. "Household" is fairly loosely defined. Participants in the household account don't necessarily have to live with you, but they will receive any mailed communications at your address. You can earn and spend miles generated by your purchases for these six people on British Airways or on one of their 14 participating OneWorld partners, such as American Airlines. To give your account a boost, sign up for their Visa frequent flyer credit card, which has some great benefits including at least 15000 bonus miles with first purchase, and unlimited first class, business class, or premium economy full fare companion tickets (buy one, and your companion flies for free). If readers know of any other workarounds for this problem, please do share.

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