Q: Do you have a suggestion for a seven to 10 day trip of the Scandinavian countries with my 84-year-old mother this summer? It seems that cruises don't give you enough time to visit the various cities, and a motor coach tour might be too hectic and scheduled.

A: Even 10 days might not be enough to see all of Scandinavia, so it might be better to focus on one or two countries. I'd suggest seeing the region by rail and ferry on your own, since it's a civilized and comfortable way to travel and you can hop on and off at will. One option is to purchase Rail Europe's "Norway in a Nutshell" pass and spend the entire vacation in Norway, where you'll be see the ocean, fjords, mountains and everything in between. The scenery is terrific. This pass allows you to travel by train, ferry and bus between two major Norwegian cities – Oslo and Bergen. The high season pass is valid for travel from May through September, with itineraries ranging from $225 to $368 per person.  More information about "Norway in a Nutshell" is available visiting
www.raileurope.com or through your travel agent. For more information about Norway, go to
www.visitnorway.com. Rail Europe offers other Scandinavian rail passes as well, all of which let you explore the region at your own pace.

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