Q: I saw a great fare from Akron to Las Vegas for $79 each way on airfarewatchdog.com. It connects in Denver on Frontier Airlines. I don't want to go Las Vegas, but I do want to go to Denver. But the fare to Denver is much more. Can I book a round-trip to Las Vegas, get off in Denver, and then return from Denver to Akron? Will the airline give me a hassle if I do?

A: They sure will. Actually, they'll cancel your Las Vegas-Denver-Akron return flight when you don't show up for the Denver-Las Vegas portion. Since this fare can be booked just one way, you could conceivably buy it one-way Akron-Las Vegas and get off in Denver, but there may be consequences. This is called "hidden city" ticketing and is against airline rules. They won't send the sheriff after you, but Frontier might boot you out of their frequent flyer program, and, if you book your ticket through a travel agency, they might go after the agency for any fare difference your little scheme has saved you.

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