An invisible, lucite Wonder Woman plane probably wouldn't inspire much confidence in travelers. Or fly. At all. Neither would Snoopy's flying (vaguely creepy) WWII dog house. And good luck staffing an airline around The Littles. We guess some characters just better lend themselves to aviation, like, uhm,  Hello Kitty apparently. Taiwanese carrier EVA Air partnered with Sanrio, the makers of Hello Kitty, to create Hello Kitty Air. Launched in 2005, the first two jets flew daily from Taipei, Taiwan to Fukuoka and Tokyo, Japan. Are there that many Hello Kitty fans to necessitate two daily flights? We guess so, because as of last October, EVA's Kitty Airlines added more destinations to Hello Kitty Air, including Taipei to Osaka, Sendai, and Nagoya.

EVA's Hello Kitty Air was awarded 'Best Livery' in the Wallpaper* Magazine 2007 Design Awards, so it must be ok, right? The food
look cute. I mean, they've
seared Hello Kitty's face into the vienna sausages. If that doesn't inspire confidence in travelers, then I just  don't know what to do for you.

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