We love our travel gadets. Below are some cool travel tech items that we are geeking out about. Let us know if you've seen any other cool travel gadgets in the comments. 

Trakdot Luggage Tracker 

Keep tabs on your luggage no matter where you are. This luggage tracker uses GSM technology (cellular towers) to pin point where your luggage is located. The technology works even when your luggage is in metal containers or parked airplanes. Unlike Tile, it doesn't need to be connected to a device to be located.

Mpow Waterproof Case 

If you’re going to be at a beach anytime during your vacation, a waterproof case is a must-have. This particular case allows you to take photos underwater with Instagram-approved quality. It's also under $10!

Kopack ScanSmart Backpack

Traveling with a backpack can be a blessing and a curse. You can carry a lot of items with you while you’re walking around and exploring, but at the same time it’s easy for someone to steal things from the bag if it’s on your back. The Kopack is here to change that. This bag is anti-theft proof—it’s basically impossible for a thief to figure out how to get in without you noticing. The bag is also water-resistant so it’s great if you’re stuck in the rain with your laptop or other devices in tow.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones

What makes these headphones special is the W1 chip, which is just fancy terminology for "it’ll connect to your iPhone or other Apple product pretty quickly." Additionally, they get about 40 hours of battery life. You won’t have to hunt down an USB port on your trip. If you purchase from Amazon some colors are only $199, $100 cheaper than the Apple store.

Bluesmart One - Smart Luggage

Everything has the potential to be “smart.” We already have smartphones, smart watches, smart scales, and even smart jump ropes. Now meet the smart luggage. This luggage has GPS, remote locking, and a built-in battery charger. It also has a built-in scale so you can avoid overweight baggage fees. The only downside is the price—on Amazon it’s listed at $284.

HooToo TripMate Elite

This small router packs a punch. It can instantly convert a wired network into a wireless network. It can also bridge existing wireless networks, allowing you to create your own secure Wi-Fi network, making it perfect for securing the free Wi-Fi at your hotel.

Dizaul Solar Charger

Hiking or spending the day out in the sun? This charger is great for anyone who plans to spend their time outside. It can fully charge via solar power—however it does take a while. It also includes a flash light attachment. 

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