Q. A few people have mentioned that there will be a huge airfare sale (domestic and international) on August 21.  I've been on the hunt for a cheap fare from Boston to Melbourne, Australia for Christmas (the most expensive, I know!) so I'm wondering if I should keep waiting for this supposed sale?

A. A somewhat irresponsible publicity seeking airfare pundit made this "rumor" go viral. Airfare always costs less if you travel mid August until the holidays (usually around December 15) compared to summer travel. But these fares are not going to magically appear for sale in August. They've been available for sale for months. It's just that if you travel (travel, not buy) from mid-August onward you'll pay less. Airlines lower fares for travel around then because students are back in school and there's less demand. It angers me when airfare "experts" make confusing and misleading "predictions" like this.

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