Here at Airfarewatchdog, we love to travel! Whether it’s a short elevator flight or a lengthy trip abroad, we have to bring our favorite gadgets. Below are our favorite travel gadgets.

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Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones

These headphones from Bose are our founder’s favorite and he just can’t travel without them. Coming in at $350 they are a little pricey, but the sound quality is unprecedented. Did we mention they’re noise-cancelling, so you won’t have to hear the noise from the annoying person in the seat beside you?

Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

Another great pair of headphones are these from Skullcandy. The headphones are also wireless, so you can enjoy your music and videos without having to worry about any wires getting tangled up. Amy, from our product team, makes sure to have these in her carry-on for every flight.

Apple Airpods

If you can’t tell by now our team cannot travel without headphones and earbuds. Ricky, one of our veteran analysts, is no different. He really likes the Apple Airpods due to their easy connectivity with his iPhone and their portability.

Amazon Fire Tablet

Megan, one of the airfare analysts on our team, always travels with her Amazon Fire tablet. She likes that it can do just about anything an iPad can do but is a lot cheaper, and if she lost it while traveling she wouldn’t feel too bad about it.

Xiaomi Portable Charger

The Xiaomi portable charger keeps Airfare Analyst Gabriel’s, phone charged throughout his trip. It also has a slim profile, so it won’t take up too much space in your bag or purse.

Apple Watch

For me, I can’t travel without my Apple Watch, which helps me stay focused on my fitness goals even when on the road. It’s also great to be able to get notifications and shuffle songs without having to actively take out my phone and get distracted by text messages and apps.

Apple iPad

If you want just a bit more than the Amazon Fire, opt for an iPad like Yoav, one of the designers here. His iPad keeps him entertained while he’s on his flight, and also has the versatility of being combined with a keyboard so he can bang out any work emails. 

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