If you haven’t started planning your holiday travel you’re already behind. In this #AWDHoliday Chat, we’ll get you in the holiday spirit no matter where you are in the process.

Join us Tuesday, July 25th at 11 AM ET as we discuss holiday travel. Follow and participate in the conversation:

- Follow @Airfarewatchdog on Twitter.
- Search for the hashtag #AWDHoliday and click the “All” search option to follow the conversation.
- Include the hashtag #AWDTravelChat in your tweets and begin each tweet by noting the question which you are answering, for example, “A1:” to answer Question 1.


Q1: Where are you traveling this holiday season? Or, staying local? #AWDHoliday

Q2: Got tips of your own for finding a great travel deals this holiday season? #AWDHoliday

Q3: Have you started researching holiday travel? Anyone booked yet? #AWDHoliday

Q4: How long before a flight do you try to arrive at the airport? #AWDHoliday

Q5: What are your tips for saving on holiday shopping? #AWDHoliday

Q6: What are you looking forward to most this holiday season? #AWDHoliday

Q7: What’s your favorite way to deal with travel stress during the holidays? #AWDHoliday

Q8: What’s your must have travel item for the holidays?  #AWDHoliday

Q10: Where and how would you spend an all-expense paid New Year’s Trip? #AWDHoliday

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