Traveling can be one of life's most rewarding experiences, full of new cultures, people, and places. However, when traveling in a place you’re not familiar with, it’s smart to stay vigilant. Below are seven tips to help you stay safe and secure while traveling.

#1 Keep a Secret

It’s never wise to keep all your money in one place while traveling. Make sure to leave some in the hotel just in case you get robbed or lose your money while exploring the city. Secret safes shaped like a hairbrush or shaving cream are great unexpected places to store your money. After all, who would want to steal a hairbrush or can of shaving cream?

#2 Get Tracked

If you’re using an iOS device, you can share your location with friends indefinitely or for specified periods of time with Apple’s Find My Friends app. This is perfect if you and your travel companions are meeting up after some time apart.. Everyone who shares their location can see each other on a map. I use this app myself, and it has come in handy when my phone was lost in an Uber or one of my friends isn’t responding to texts. There are some other alternatives here if you’re looking for Android.

#3 Lock it

Keep your luggage safe and secure with a lock that’s TSA compatible. Our favorite combination locks are these from Forge. If you prefer to use a key, go for these from Brinks.

#4 Share a Ride

Make sure to ride with strangers…umm, well, not exactly. Try to use rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft when possible. If you take a taxi, verify that it's city registered and has a meter. If you want to be really proactive, book a ride in advance through a verified resource such as a hotel, airline, or reputable travel site.

#5 Bring Pepper Spray

If you’re traveling alone or you'll be walking around after dark, bring some pepper spray. This bracelet and lipstick pepper spray are pretty discreet.

#6 Sturdy and Secure Wallets and Purses

This is one of the simplest things to do to avoid pickpocketing or petty theft. Try to use a front pocket wallet or put your actual wallet in front of you when you’re walking through a busy city square or market. If you prefer to carry a bag, choose a cross body model. Try to avoid carrying a bag on just your shoulder alone.

#7 Bring Your Own Siren

Purchase a personal security alarm and add it to your keychain, bag, or purse. This simple device could deter someone from trying to rob or hurt you. There are many different choices on Amazon, but our favorite is this one from B A S U. If you ever get in a bad situation, pull the pin, and these devices will emit a really loud siren. 

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