Have you ever stayed in a bubble tent or used an airplane seat cover? As embarrassing as they sound, they're actually pretty useful for the right person. Below are seven slightly embarrassing travel tools that you might actually want to use on your next vacation.

#1 Bubble Tent

While camping in this tent you may feel like you’re in a bubble, but at least you can see everything around you. You’ll basically feel like you’re camping without a tent. We’ve looked around, and Amazon has a few different choices.

#2 Skyrest Travel Pillow

It's a little large and obnoxious looking, but this pillow is as comfy as it looks. You might get a few stares, but eventually you’ll be sound asleep. So why should you care?

#3 Ostrich Pillow

This is another travel pillow that's sure to get you some stares, but once again you’ll be sound asleep, so you won’t care. This one also adds the benefit of blocking out light—perfect if you’re seat partner won’t keep the window shade closed.

#4 B A S U Personal Alarm

If you’re traveling alone, especially in a place that doesn’t have the best reputation, one of these will come in handy. Parents, no matter how embarrassing your child may feel, these alarms are the real deal, and have you read the testimonials? Once pulled, the device emits an ear piercing sound. You can also pay a little extra and get one that will automatically call emergency services to your location.

#5 PureTouch Tush Wipes 

Sometimes you need a little more than toilet paper. These wipes are just for that. If you need something a little extra, try the medicated ones. Pro Tip: You might want to make sure these are pretty secure in your bag—might be embarrassing if they fall out.

#6 Disposable Airplane Seat Covers

With this one you’re going to get stares, but if you’re afraid of touching the airplane seat, then these are perfect. You get two per box, perfect for a round-trip. I'll admit, I’ve seen some seats where these would’ve came in handy.

#7 GoHygiene Toilet 

Seat CoversIf you’re traveling, you’re bound to come across some really gross toilets. Bring a pack of these seat covers for the trip. They’re very similar to the ones you see in public bathrooms. 

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