Protecting your phone while traveling is pretty important, especially if you’re traveling abroad and can’t get a new phone quickly. We’ve searched the web and found some great tools to help you protect your phone while traveling. Let us know if you have any more tips in the comments.

Waterproof Pouch 

Underwater photos are great to take, but you’re going to want to find a waterproof pouch that won’t ruin your photos. Our pick are these from Mpow, which come in a three-pack and are durable and clear enough so that you can take great photos while underwater.

Guard the Screen

Remember when we all had super durable flip phones and BlackBerrys? You could drop them, pick them up, and continue your day. Smartphones as of late have screens that easily crack or shatter. Make sure before you travel to invest in a tempered class or strong screen protector for your phone. I use this screen protector from amFilm daily, it’s not easy to crack and protects my phone well.

Go For a Strong Case

When you’re traveling around, biking, and exploring a new place—you’re bound to drop your phone at least once. Make sure to have a durable case to protect your phone from drops and falls. Try to go for an OtterBox case or other strong case. These cases are waterproof and super durable.

Wireless Wipes

From public transportation to eating out your phone is bound to pick up many germs while traveling. Keep some wireless wipes around to keep your phone clean. And if you want to kill two birds with one stone, opt for Wet Ones they are good for your phone and great to keep on handy for wiping your hands before eating.

Phone Insurance

If you’re traveling domestically, this one is perfect. With most phone insurance plans, you can pay a deductible to your provider and get a refurbished or new phone in a few days if something happens. Most carriers have these available as an add-on to your phone bill. 

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