We know, airfare and air travel are our forte, but these tips are too good not to share. Below are seven essentials for a summer road-trip. Let us know in the comments if there's anything you like to bring that we might have missed!

#1 Screen Time for Entertainment 

This one is mostly if you're traveling with kids—you’re going to want to keep them entertained. If you’re not up for letting them use your iPhone, or maybe they're too young to have a phone, opt for the Amazon Fire Kids Tablet. The tablet is built kid-tough and gives them access to educational games, shows, and books. See more tablet options here.

#2 Noms (Snacks and Drinks)

Gas stations snacks? Pack your own and save a ton. Try to go for snacks that are dry and won’t spoil, like Kind bars, granola bars, or chips. Also make sure to bring a refillable bottle or bottled water to stay hydrated.  We really like this bottle from HYDAWAY, it’s collapsible and easy to pack and store. Check out all our favorite road-trip noms here.

#3 Coolers

You’ll need this to keep water and other drinks cool for the long trip ahead. Try to go for a small one if you’re just bringing water, but if you’re also bringing sandwiches or other easily perishable snacks, you might want to go for a larger cooler like this one from Coleman. Check out more road-trip friendly picks here.

#4 Sanitizer & Wipes

Avoid getting sick or leaving a mess on your road-trip. Make sure to pack pocket-sized sanitizers for everyone—you’ll definitely want to sanitize after pumping gas or visiting gas station restrooms. Also make sure to pack wipes for spills and quick cleanups. If you’re really serious about germs in public restrooms, bring your own travel Lysol spray: It’s perfect for spraying down handles in bathrooms and door knobs. See more sanitization picks here.

#5 GPS Maps

We all have smartphones with maps, but what if your road-trip takes you somewhere without cell service? Pay attention to this, especially if you have a region specific or smaller carrier. We recommend purchasing a GPS navigator just in case, like this one from Garmin. See more great options here.

#6 First Aid Kits

Make sure to pack a first-aid kit and check it each trip to make sure everything is up-to-date and fully stocked. If you want something simple go for this one from Johnson & Johnson, or for something a little more advanced check out this FDA-approved one. See more travel-friendly first-aid kits here.

#7 Jumper Cables

Imagine having a quick meal with the family and coming back to a dead battery because you left your lights on. Be prepared for these situations with a set of jumper cables on hand. We really like these cables from Energizer and AAA. More great choices here.

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