Room service, luxury sheets, and a mini-bar are all nice amenities, but have you ever stayed at a hotel and just wish it felt more like home? We’ve put together a list of tips that can help you feel less homesick on your next trip.

#1 Stay Clean

Growing up, my grandmother would always do a "mini-clean" of the hotel room once we arrived. While the cleaning professionals at the hotel do a good job, sometimes you just need to add your own touch. Come prepped with travel-sized Lysol or Wet Ones to wipe down the surfaces, door knobs, remotes, and any other places filthy with germs. See more sanitizing and cleaning tips.

#2 Bring the Whole Family

Well, maybe not if you’re on a business trip, but why not bring some photos with you? You don't want to lug around an entire photo album, but you can bring a digital photo frame with all your favorite photos. Our favorite digital frame is this one from Nixplay Seed. It’s connected to Wi-Fi so your family can even email and send you photos while you’re traveling.

#3 Keep Good Spirits 

Staying positive is always important … but we're talking about the other kind of spirits. If you’re able to, try and bring a bottle of your favorite wine or liquor. If not, you can always buy a bottle of your favorite brand or something similar. It'll make you feel a bit more at home and also save you money. The hotel’s minibar is as expensive as going to an actual bar.

#4 Keep Entertained

Hopefully, you’re able to explore and enjoy the city you’re visiting when staying at your hotel. But if you have lots of downtime, you might want to bring some of your go-to entertainment devices: Like your iPad, portable game console, or Kindle. If you want to bring entertainment devices like Chromecasts or Apple TVs—check with your hotel first to make sure they have connectivity capabilities. At the very least bring a HDMI cord, so you can connect your laptop to your TV.

#5 Bring Your Own Toiletries

We all love to use and bring toiletries home from hotels, but it doesn’t hurt to also bring your own. Purchase refillable travel-sized bottles like these from IKEA. Fill them with your favorite toiletries and you’ll feel like you’re bathing at home. And yes, still take the free bottles home.

#6 Don’t Forget the Pantry

Don’t bring the whole pantry, but if you have some favorite snacks, bring a few if you have space. If you can’t or don’t have the room, try to pick up some snacks at a local CVS or grocery store; hotel gift shops and convenience stores are always overpriced. And if you’re really into snacking check out this ultimate care package from Stay at Home Snacks.

#7 Pack the Comforts

If you’re able to fit it in your luggage, bring a small candle of your favorite scent from home—just make sure to blow the candle out before leaving your hotel. Or if you’re afraid of burning a candle, use a candle warmer: This one from Holsey is highly rated and costs less than $9. Also pack a pair of comfy slippers, and maybe your favorite blanket or pillow if you have the space in your luggage.

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