Q. I booked a flight several weeks ago with American Airlines. Since my initial booking, American Airlines has changed my flight times so drastically (for both my departing and returning flights) that I now have lost 2 days of my vacation. So, for example, my departing flight is now leaving 8 hours later than originally booked, and my return flight is leaving 6 hours earlier than originally booked. I am entitled to some sort of compensation, or new flight, from American Airlines? I have tried calling their customer service department to ask; however, there's only so long I can sit on hold for.

A. You can ask for a full refund and rebook on another airline, but other than that there’s not much they will do for you sadly. Are your original flights still available or are there other AA flights available? If so, you can insist that they rebook you. It may take several tries and escalation but if seats are still available on your original or early flights, fight for it!

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