Memorial Day has passed and summer is on the way. If you’re headed to the beach, what are you going to bring? Below are our favorite beach-bag items. What’s in your beach bag? Let us know in the comments below! See our full list of picks here.  

#1 The Bag

Let's start with the bag. You’ll want to opt for a tote bag that has enough space for all your essentials. If you’re looking for something a bit more rugged, opt for a backpack like this one from The North Face. We wouldn’t recommend bringing any nice bags—between the sand, saltwater, and the wind, try to opt for something rugged or mesh.

#2 Sunscreen

Going to the beach without sunscreen can result in a disaster of a sun burn. Try to go for sunscreen that has the right SPFs for your needs. Amazon has a large variety and you can even buy them in bulk. Our favorite is the Supergoop sunscreen, which has SPF 50 and is also infused with antioxidants. 

#3 Lip Balm

You’re probably thinking: Why do I need lip balm if it’s warm out? The sun can burn your lips just as bad as cold weather or wind can, if not worse. Opt for SPF lip balm like Supergood's (we love this brand). It’s infused with shea butter and can repair oxidation damage. We also like the organic lip balm from Kiss My Face, and a three pack is only $9 on Amazon.  

#4 Towel

This is an obvious one right? My biggest mistake is bringing a towel to lay out on; If you plan to get in the water you’re going to want to get one to dry off also. We prefer microfiber ones like this one from Starwood Sports.

#5 Snacks and Water

You're bound to get hungry while you’re at the beach, so bring easy-to-pack snacks like Kind Bars, granola, dried fruit, or nuts. Also make sure to bring some bottled water, and if you’re beach has water fountains try to bring a refillable bottle.

#6 Water Gear

You don’t need a full-on scuba set, but you’re going to want to bring the essentials. If you plan to swim, make sure to bring goggles, nose clips, and ear plugs.

#7 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Depending on how crowded the beach is, you’re going to want to bring a speaker to listen to music. Make sure to get a Bluetooth one that's waterproof, or water-resistant at the very least. Our pick is this one from Infinilla: it’s pretty loud and available with Prime. 

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