Summer is less than three weeks away, so if you’re part of the 80 percent (or more) of travelers traveling this season you’re going to want to take a look at these packing tips. We’ve got you covered with tips for maximizing space in your luggage, no matter how long your summer vacation is. Let us know some of your favorite packing hacks in the comments.

#1 Stay Fresh 

Pack dryer sheets in your luggage; they'll keep your clothes smelling fresh. And if you’re really worried about your clothes staying fresh, bring some Febreeze for backup. Opt for travel sized items and try to buy in bulk to save money. See our top picks for staying fresh.

#2 Bring a Duffle 

If you’re going on a short trip and don’t want to pay for a checked bag, bring a duffle. Most duffle bags, like this one from Herschel, will fit right in overhead storage bin on your flight. If you think you’ll need a bit more space—bring a backpack as your personal item. I’ve packed an entire day’s worth of clothes in mine along with my laptop. Our favorite duffle bags and backpacks are here.

#3 Style It Up

Bring clothes that can be styled multiple ways. For example, opt for clothing that you can wear out and about during the day, and simply add a cardigan or change pants to wear it out at night. Our favorite staple for women is to simply just add a cardigan to your outfit—guys change from jeans to chinos and into dress or boat shoes. Check out our favorite styles here.

#4 Leave out the Air

Use space saver bags to free up space in your luggage by getting rid of extra air. Nowadays, you can just roll the air out of most bags instead of using a vacuum. Our picks are these from Swiss Gear. See more space saver bags here.

#5 Roll it Up

Instead of folding your clothing, try rolling it. This way you can maximize space and pack more. Make sure to also use all of the pockets in your luggage—you can add small clothing like underwear and socks in the pockets on the outside of your luggage, if you run out of space on the inside.

#6 Use Packing Cubes

Type A? Get a set of packing cubes. Use the cubes to organize your suitcase and also free up space. Use these along with our other tips, such as rolling up your clothing and buying space bags to further maximize the space in your suitcase. See our favorites here.

#7 Don’t Forget the 3-1-1

When packing, don’t forget TSA’s rules on liquids: They require all liquids to be three ounces or less, in one plastic bag, and one bag per traveler. A great way to save money on your toiletries is to fill small TSA-ready bottles with your toiletries from home. We like these bottles from IKEA— they're affordable and you can color coordinate based on products. Our other picks here.

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