Heading to wine country this summer? Or maybe you’re just looking to enjoy some wine or a picnic at your local park. If so, you’re definitely going to want to pack these seven items. We’ve put together a packing list of wine country and picnic essentials, that you’ll definitely want to bring with you on your next trip.

HiCoup Wing Corkscrew, $14

If you're going on a wine-inspired trip or outing, a cork screw is a must. Our pick for the traditional cork screw is this one from HiCoup. It's pretty sturdy and highly rated on Amazon. Find it here.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $20

For those looking to for something a bit more modern, opt for an electric wine bottle opener. All you have to do is cut the foil and click to uncork the bottle.  Get it on Amazon.

Picnic Time Country Picnic Basket, $40

Keep it classic with a picnic basket. This basket is perfect for holding all your wine-inspired necessities, and it has some extra room for holding sandwiches and snacks. Find it here. 

TOSSWARE Recyclable/Disposable Wine Glasses, $15

Avoid breaking any glass while enjoying your wine day with these disposable glasses from TOSSWARE. Purchase here. 

All Purpose Picnic Blanket, $14

You’ll want something to lay on while you’re enjoying your picnic and or wine beverage. Our pick is this classic picnic blanket from Imperial Home. Buy on Amazon

Vacu Vin Wine Saver, $13

Delay oxidation with a wine saver. Bonus use: It’s also great to avoid spilling any unused wine. Buy here.

Wine Wipers, $7

Did you know these things existed? Keep your palate clean between tastings with these wipes, plus they're also great for protecting your teeth. Get yours here.  

Prices are current at time of publication. 

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