French all-business-class airline La Compagnie is selling 1000 business class round-trips from Newark to Paris this summer for $1300. The promotion applies to flights starting May 9 and running through early fall.

Currently, economy fares for New York-Paris nonstops on a giant line in July start at $672 for a few flights, but many flights cost upward of $1000. So La Compagnie is certainly not "business class for the price of economy," but it's a good deal for anyone looking to avoid the miseries of a transatlantic crossing in cattle-car economy.

La Compagnie flies 757s with 74 angle-flat seats, which are not up to the standard of the best current giant-line practice of flat-bed seats. Cabin services, especially meals, although quite satisfactory, are not quite up to giant-line standards, either. But for the price, La Compagnie is a great deal. Business class round-trips on giant lines in July start at more than $5000, and premium economy round-trip on nonstops is around $1250. At $1300, La Compagnie's product is an outstanding deal: better than premium economy for a few bucks, and almost as good as big-line business class for a lot fewer bucks..

La Compagnie's regular round-trips typically start at $1800, But the line often offers promotional prices well below that, including many special deals for couples. Always check La Compagnie before you shell out big bucks for an economy or premium economy ticket to Paris on a giant line.

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