We all worry when traveling—about losing our bags, about theft, about getting sick. I’ve searched the web to find some items to help ease your worries and make your next trip less stressful.

#1 Luggage Finders

One of the most stressful parts about travel can be losing your luggage, especially if you only packed essentials in your carry-on. This is when a luggage finder comes in handy! Our favorite is Tile. If a Tile is in your bag, you can track it on a map. If you lose your bag you can see where it was located last and you can also assign a “notify me if found” alert. If another Tile user encounters your Tile, you will get an alert. They have sold over 8 million Tiles and have found over 2 million items, so eventually someone will encounter your Tile. Get Tiled on Amazon or Tile.com.

#2 Luggage Locks 

If you are traveling abroad to a country where you'll have to check your laptop, this is a no brainer. However, even just your clothes and other small items are important—so always try to lock your luggage. Just make sure the lock is TSA approved. Our favorites are the Forge TSA Lock and the Lumintrail lock.

#3 RFID-Blocking Wallets and Passport Holders

If you're worried about getting your credit card information stolen, invest in a RFID blocking wallet or passport holder. These specially designed wallets can protect your information from e-pickpocketing. There are many RFID-blocking wallets and holders on Amazon, but our favorites are the Itslife Wallet for women due to its large selection of colors, and the Travellambo wallet for men.

#4 Personal Security Alarms

This may sound like overkill, but it never hurts to take extra security steps. If you have a child who will be traveling alone or if you are trying to convince someone to let you travel alone—purchase a personal security alarm. These devices can sound an alarm any time you feel unsafe. Some even have the ability to alert local authorities. Our favorites come from ROBOCOPP, which includes one model that simply sounds an alarm and one that also alerts the authorities. Find them on Amazon. 

#5 Travel Insurance

This one is pretty simple, and one of the best ways to ease stress—as long as you choose the right kind for you. Our founder wrote a great piece on travel insurance that will definitely help you make the best decision. Additionally, check if your credit card may already have certain types of travel insurance included with it.

#6 Back-Up Electronics Accessories

Having a dead phone before, during, or after your trip can be stressful. Once on a trip my phone died and I had to find my hotel with only the help of strangers and street signs. Avoid going through anything similar by having a portable charger. Also, don’t forget an extra USB cord!

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