Imagine packing your luggage and arriving at the airport to be told it’s too heavy. You could take out that extra pair of shoes or maybe even a few of your souvenirs. Avoid the last-minute repacking scramble or having to pay overweight baggage fees by owning a great luggage scale. For your next trip, arrive at the airport confident about your bag’s weight and avoid any extra fees. 

We’ve searched the web to find seven luggage scales that will help you avoid tipping the scale on your next trip.  

#1 Spigen E500, $10

#2 AmazonBasics, $10

#3 EatSmart Precision Voyager, $15

#4 Tarriss Jetsetter, $15

#5 Camry 110 Lbs Luggage Scale, $9

#6 Dunheger Digital Luggage Scale, $13

#7 Accuoz Rechargeable Digital Scale, $15

Editor’s note: Prices were current at time of publication and may change at any time 

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