From weather-appropriate outfits to the perfect pair of walking shoes, you likely already have a list of essentials to pack in your checked bag. But what do you bring aboard the plane with you? Your medications, documents, and smartphone are obvious ones, but are you forgetting anything important? We put together a quick list of 10 items you might want to pack in your carry-on bag to ensure a relaxed and comfortable flight.

#1 Portable Charger: Anker Astro E1

#2 Charging Cable: Swiftrans Lightning/Mini USB Cable


#3 Sanitizer/Wipes: Purell Sanitizer Wipes

#4 Travel Size Toothbrush Kit: Ranir Kit

#5 TSA Approved Snacks: KIND Bars

#6 Tablet for Entertainment: Apple iPad Mini 2

#7 Collapsible Water Bottle: Hydaway

#8 Hoodie or Sweater: Bella Canvas Hoodie

#9 Eye Mask: Alaska Bear

#10 Ear Plugs: Mack’s  

Editor’s Note: Prices are current at the time of posting 

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