Airfarewatchdog just released the results of a poll of 1,000 travelers and asked them if they knew the difference between OTAs and meta search sites. More than half of travelers do not know the difference. In layman terms an OTA or online travel agency allows travelers to actually book the fare, whereas a metasearch site just lists airfares and deals sending travelers to a direct site to book the fare. If you want more detail on the differences between the two check out this guide from our founder, George Hobica.  

We asked: Do you know the difference between OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and Meta Search Sites when searching or booking airfare?

  • 65% said they do not understand the difference
  • 17% said they sort of knew the difference
  • 13% of travelers are not aware of either
  • Only 5% completely knew the difference

For more information on the poll or to speak with George on the results please contact us at

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