We're seeing some excellent fares from Delta hubs to Europe for spring/summer travel on American Airlines.

Departures are good through mid-May and again from mid-August onward, though fares will vary slightly by route.

This sale is unadvertised and fares could vanish at any time, so if something catches your eye, better book it quick!

Fares include:

Minneapolis to Milan $391 round-trip

Minneapolis to Paris $409 round-trip

Atlanta to Paris $429 round-trip

Cincinnati to Paris $434 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Paris $434 round-trip

Seattle to Paris $425 round-trip

Memphis to Paris $409 round-trip

Detroit to Paris $414 round-trip

Memphis to Amsterdam $409 round-trip

Detroit to Amsterdam $382 round-trip

Atlanta to Amsterdam $382 round-trip

Cincinnati to Amsterdam $382 round-trip

Minneapolis to Amsterdam $409 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Amsterdam $402 round-trip

Philadelphia to Amsterdam $416 round-trip

Memphis to Rome $396 round-trip

Atlanta to Rome $399 round-trip

Detroit to Rome $399 round-trip

Minneapolis to Rome $399 round-trip

Cincinnati to Rome $399 round-trip

Salt Lake City to Rome $421 round-trip

Philadelphia to Rome $438 round-trip

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