Flying for a long period of time can have its challenges. The biggest one tends to be staying occupied. If you’re traveling abroad or cross country you’re probably in the sky for at least five hours. Being the travelers that we are—we completely get the struggle—below are a few ways we keep busy during long flights. 

Embrace Creativity

Embrace your inner Leonardo da Vinci by drawing in a sketchbook—stick figures are encouraged. Opt for a sketchbook that is durable and sturdy to avoid mistakes or interruptions due to bumps and turbulence. Some of our favorites are the Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook, and this smaller one from Leda Art Supply—both make great options for a long flight. If sketching isn’t your thing, let someone else draw the pictures and you color them in; adult coloring books are great creative distractions. And, most importantly, don’t forget your coloring pencils


Sleeping during a late night flight is my favorite past time. It’s the perfect way to pass the time. However, it's not easy on a cramped plane, so you’re going to want to pack an eye mask and earplugs. Besides sleeping there are many other ways to relax on your flight. You could plug in an audio book, spend some time journaling, or practice your meditation. If you decide to meditate you’re definitely going to want to bring earplugs. 

Get Productive

In six hours you can get a lot done, so why not use this time to start something that could change your life. Apps like Duolingo are a great way to start learning a language and a long flight is a perfect place to begin. Besides Duolingo you could also start listening to music in your chosen language or watching a show with subtitles. You won’t end the flight fluent, but at least you’ve got a quick start to a new language. If language learning isn’t your thing—you could also create a bucket list, research cool restaurants and attractions for your vacation (if Wi-Fi is available), or simply just catch up on some work. 


This is probably everyone’s favorite way to pass the time during a long flight. From catching up on a Netflix series to binge listening to Spotify, there are countless ways to stay entertained. Besides music and video, you could also try solving a Rubik’s Cube or even play a card game with your travel companion. Additionally, reading is also a great way to stay entertained and for the most part, doesn’t require any batteries or chargers.

Let us know how you stay entertained in the comments below!

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