Heading to Europe or Asia this year? If you’re flying from the U.S., your flight could be over six hours! We know it’s tough to stay comfortable and pass the time on these flights. Below are our favorite necessities to help you stay relaxed, comfortable, and entertained on your next long-haul flight. 

#1 Travel Blanket

When traveling for a couple of hours or even one-hour, napping is the best time passer. Having the perfect travel blanket can make napping on a flight even better. Try to go for a microfleece blanket like this one from Lewis N Clark. Microfleeces are marvelously comfortable and will keep you snugged and cozy on your 6+ hour flight!

#2 Travel Pillow

If you’re napping you’ll need more than a blanket, especially if you’re stuck in the center or aisle seat. Opt for a travel pillow to keep your neck and head supported while you’re sleeping. My favorite travel pillow hands-down is the J-pillow. It has an awkward J shape but supplies great neck support. 

#3 Eye Mask 

Along with your pillow and blanket, you are going to need an eye mask especially if you’re flying during the daytime. Almost every day-time flight is going to have someone with their window shades up, having an eye mask handy allows you to still get some sleep without being disturbed. 

#4 Kindles 

Even with napping, a flight over six hours can seem like an eternity. Bringing aboard a Kindle can keep your mind entertained and allow you to catch up on books, TV shows, and movies. If you’re someone who prefers to only read and wants to avoid being interrupted by Facebook messages go for a Kindle Paperwhite, but if you want a full color tablet experience opt for the Kindle Fire or Kindle HD

#5 Carry-On Cocktail

A couple of drinks can help you relax during your long flight, just make sure to drink in moderation to avoid dehydration or grogginess. However, sometimes you might want more than the simple drinks and alcohol served aboard the plane. With the Carry-On Cocktail Kit, you can create your own cocktail! Each kit contains the ingredients (sans alcohol of course) to help you create about two signature cocktails. My favorite is the Hot Toddy kit – it keeps you warm while traveling. They also have a bloody marry, gin and tonic, champagne, and old fashioned kits available. 

#6 Portable Charger

Imagine this – your phone dies and you have no in-flight entertainment. Avoid this nightmare by packing a portable charger. You don’t want to spend a portion of your flight phoneless or tabletless. Our picks are the Mophie charger and any charger from ANKER

#7 Lip Balm & Lotion

Flying for 6+ ours and getting chapped lips or dry hands can get uncomfortable. At the very least use lip balm and lotion before your flight. However, if you have room bring a travel size on board just in case. You don’t want to show up to your destination with dry and chapped skin. 

#8 Noise Cancelling Headphones

I can’t fly at all without noise cancelling headphones. No matter how long your flight is you’re going to want to bring along headphones so you can listen to your devices or in-flight entertainment. Also they can be a great shield if you sitting next to a talkative passenger or trying to get some quiet time before arriving at your destination. 

#9 Sanitizer and  Wipes

From the TSA line to the airport bathroom, germs are everywhere. Make sure to pack some sanitizer or wipes to keep your hands clean. Bring sanitizer to use before snacking and eating. Also make sure to have wipes to wipe down the bathroom as well. Amazon has a great selection of both that you can buy in bulk. 

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