Travel gadgets are cool and can add a little bit of ease to your trip. We’ve scoured the web and found these  weird, cute, and pretty unique travel gadgets. Some of them are definitely worth adding to your travel arsenal to make your next trip just a little bit easier. 

#1 Tugo Luggage Cup Holder

Imagine this you're running to catch your flight and your recently purchased iced coffee spills all over you! With the Tugo cup holder you don’t have to worry about that or spilling anything on yourself. This cup holder attaches to your luggage allowing you to fit most cups or bottles into the holder while whirling around the airport. 

#2 Ostrich Pillow

The weirdest pillow ever created, is actually perfect for traveling and general napping. Known as the ostrich pillow, this pillow is perfect for sleeping at the airport while waiting to board the plane. If you’re stuck sitting in the aisle seat—whip this pillow out and you can take a nap on your seat tray. They even have a version for kids!

#3 Whale Shaped Portable Humidifier

Hands down the cutest humidifier ever. This humidifier is portable so you can pack it in your suitcase and bring it on your next trip to add a little mist to your hotel room. However, the verdict on the usefulness of the humidifier isn’t quite clear—half of the reviews on Amazon say it works perfectly while the other half says it’s useless, but at this cute, we’ll let you decide.

#4 Luggage Bag Tag

This luggage tag is pretty weird but very practical. Instead of tying it on your bag you actually just press it on. It uses an adhesive that lasts pretty long. Also, with such a unique image you’ll notice your bag instantly. 

#5 J-Pillow

This travel pillow isn’t for ostriches or any other animal, but it has a pretty weird shape. Shaped like a J this awkward pillow is perfect for keeping you comfortable on a long plane ride. It offers head, chin, and neck support that can even be used while sleeping upright in bed or on the sofa. Did we mention it’s the #1 selling travel pillow on Amazon in the UK, Germany, and Japan?

#6 High Tech Foot Warmers  

High-tech in your foot? It sounds weird, but these high-tech foot warmers from ThermaCell are perfect if you’re traveling somewhere pretty cold, or if you live in the Northeast during the winter! The foot warmers are controlled by a wireless remote and can be set at three different temperatures.

#7 Zoko Iced Coffee Maker Travel Mug

If you travel abroad you know in places like Italy, finding iced coffee isn’t as easy as walking to the nearest café. The Zoko travel mug (that kind of looks like a spaceship) can create your iced coffee in about five minutes. All you have to do is add the hot coffee and you’re all set! 

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