It’s that time of year again and you’re probably stressing out on what gifts to purchase for your family and friends. From the newest iPhone to the coolest pair of shoes you have a lot to choose from this year. However, can you remember or cherish the last gadget you received? Here at Airfarewatchdog, we love to travel and all things travel related. This year we want to shake things up and help you give the travelers in your life something useful and inspiring. From dinners to surprise getaways, these gifts are definitely not going to get lost in the sock drawer.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for a chance to win some of the gits during our 12 Days of Giving. Terms and Conditions here.

#1 - Open Table Dinner ($20 & Up)

An Open Table gift card is the perfect gift card for the business traveler in your life. OpenTable restaurants are available in just about every metro area in the United States and Canada. On the OpenTable site gift cards can be purchased for just about any amount $20 and over. The card can be for a specific restaurant or you can leave the choice up to the recipient.

#2 - Google Play or Apple iTunes Credit ($10 & Up)

Give someone a gift card they can use to purchase app essentials for their next trip. Google Play for Android and iTunes for the Apple App Store gift cards are great stocking stuffers and last minute gifts.

#3 - Try the World Subscription Box ($19 - $39)

From socks, to gadgets, and outfits there is a subscription box for everything. Even one for travelers – Try the World created a box just for travelers and those with a knack for culture. They have two different boxes to choose from. Our favorite is the Signature Box. The box contains ingredients from foreign country along with an authentic recipe. For those who aren’t as skilled in the kitchen—they also have a Snack Box which contains snacks from different countries all over the world. 

#4 – Language Program (Varies by Program)

Learning a language prior to a trip can open up a lot of doors for a traveler. If someone on your gift list is heading abroad to a foreign country, give them the gift of language. You have the choice of programs like Rosetta Stone for multiple language, or programs like Fluencia which tailor to one specific language.  

#5 —CityPASS (Varies by City)
If you know someone on your list is headed to a specific city you could cover their sightseeing with a CityPASS. CityPASS offers tourists the ability to visit a few different tourist attractions for a low price. 

#5 - CityPASS (Varies by City)

If you know someone on your list is headed to a specific city you could cover their sightseeing with a CityPASS. CityPASS offers tourists the ability to visit a few different tourist attractions for a low price. 

#6 - Tinggly Gift Box ($79-$279) 

Give someone an adventure in a box! Well not exactly, but pretty close to it. You can choose a gift box from three different price points. Once the recipient receives the gift they can choose an experience of their choice from over 100 different countries. Tinggly Boxes can be purchased on Amazon or directly from their site. 

#7 - Rad and Hungry Box ($4 - $175)

If you have someone on your list who loves to travel and also appreciates creative stationary and office supplies, a Rad and Hungry Box is the perfect gift. Each month they send subscribers a box with office supplies that are sourced from all over the world. You can gift specific items, subscriptions, or gift cards. 

#8 - Viator Experience ($25 - $500) 

Who wouldn’t want to receive a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for Christmas? Give the adventurer on your list a gift certificate to Viator and they can do just that. Each certificate can be redeemed towards an adventure on the site from city tours to swimming with sharks in Australia there is something for everyone. 

#9 -  Pack Up + Go Gift Card ($100 -$5,000) 

Imagine going on a trip and not knowing where you are going until the day of! With Pack Up + Go that is a reality. When purchasing the gift card, you choose the amount, fill out a survey, and Pack Up + Go will send the gift to the recipient to use towards a Pack Up + Go trip. 

#10 - Airline/Airport Lounge Pass (Varies)

Everyone deserves to feel like a VIP every now and then. An airline or airport lounge pass is the perfect gift to give the traveler in your life that experience. Each airline and airport has their own set up on how to get one of these passes, does a great job explaining the different price points and airports to which they are available. Prices vary based on airline and airport, but most are pretty affordable for a day pass. Most range around $40 to $50 per day.

#11 - Airline Gift Card ($25 & Up)

This one can be a bit expensive but the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel or plans to travel in the near future. Just make sure your recipient frequently uses that airline.  You can purchase them directly from the airline's site or if you prefer Amazon has them to. If you are afraid that this or any type of gift card looks impersonal, get festive. Include the gift card in a basket of travel toiletries or even add it in a unique box or tin. 

#12 IfOnly Experiences (Varies by Experience)

The experience marketplace! If someone on your gift list this season has a taste for luxury, fashion, or special edition type events and products this is the perfect place for their gift. IfOnly experiences range from personal styling sessions to behind-the-scenes experience at the San Francisco Zoo.  If you can’t find the perfect experience or product, they also offer gift certificates

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