Traveling can be one of the greatest and most enriching events in one’s life but getting there can be a nightmare— especially when you’re flying. Below are seven items that we find perfect for alleviating some of the stress and mishaps of flying. 

Editor’s Note: The prices shown here are accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change.

#1 Wood In-Ear Noise-isolating Headphones - $19.99

Become invisible to the passenger beside you on your next plane ride. We’ll not exactly, but at least you won’t hear them. These noise-isolating headphones from KEJEE are made of genuine wood and  are perfect for enjoying music, movies, and in-flight entertainment. Did we mention they are also tangle free? 

#2 iXCC 8000mAh Compact Power Bank - $13.99

You’re watching Grey’s Anatomy on the plane and your iPad dies. Sadly, the flight has no outlets. We’ve all been there – it can make the rest of your flight pretty boring. This power bank from iXCC is great for charging your devices so you’re never short on entertainment. 

#3 Blue J-pillow by J-Pillow - $27.95

This isn’t your U shaped nor K or L shaped travel pillow, but the J-pillow. This uniquely shaped pillow offers head, chin, and neck support. It’s easy to carry and a must have for a long flight. 

#4 Alaska Bear Eye Mask - $7.99

Along with your J-pillow you will need an eye mask to catch some Zs on your flight. This eye mask from Alaska Bear is made out of natural silk on both sides. The strap is fully adjustable and made for both men and women. 

#5 Vapur Element Bottle - $10.56

The TSA can be quite annoying and pretty strict about the different items you can bring along in your carry-on and personal bags. This water bottle from Vapur is perfect. You can keep it folded up until you finish security then fill it up at a water fountain before heading to your gate. 

#6 Tide to Go Pens - $9.99

 If you’re like me, you enjoy your inflight meals. However, we all make mistakes. Tide to Go pens are perfect for cleaning up the little mistakes you make before arriving to your destination.

#7 Kitdine Portable Soft Silicone Travel Bottles - $8.45

Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what size bottle you can bring on an airplane. These soft silicone travel bottles from Kitdine are the perfect and legal size for carry-on luggage. They were also designed to be easy to fill and squeeze. Don’t worry guys they also come in orange, grey, and green. 

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