When it comes to airlines, most everyone has a preference towards one carrier or another. And then there are other airlines that you go out of your way to avoid. Maybe they lost your luggage once. Or left you stranded in a storm. Or served you ravioli with a hair in it. Whatever the circumstances, these airlines have done you wrong and you are never ever getting back together.

So in response to numerous requests, Airfarewatchdog is thrilled to announce that we fuh-inally allow subscribers the option to filter out any airlines you don't care for, and only receive updates for the airlines you prefer.

As far as we know, we're the only airfare alert service to offer this level of automatic customization.

To set or update your preferences, go to Fare Alerts and, under preferences, just enter the airlines you no longer wish to receive airfares from. For now, this only works on the full website, not on the iPhone app.

We will continue improving Airfarewatchdog to make it the best product of its kind and we thank our dedicated IT and product management team for their tireless efforts to achieve that goal. We're all ears if you have any further enhancements you think we should make. Send them to questions@airfarewatchdog.com and happy flying!

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