This strike is set for Friday, November 6. A week-long strike is unusual. Flight attendants are striking over the airline's wish to reduce benefits for new hires, not existing hires. Some flights may fly with supervisory personnel but expect many delays and cancelations.

Lufthansa is competing with well-financed Gulf airlines for long haul passengers plus ultra discounters like easyJet, Ryanair and many others for shorter flights. The airline believes it needs to cut costs to compete in the future.
What You Can Do
Refunds: You can request a refund even for a non-refundable fare.
E.U. Rules: For anyone stranded by an airline strike in Europe flying back to the US, European regulations require, in a strike situation, at least that the airline provide hotels and meals and re-routing on another airline as quickly as possible.
Travel Insurance: if you bought it, you may be eligible for refunds of non-refundable arrangements like hotel deposits. But you must make a good faith effort to continue your trip, document your efforts, and you may be covered under some policies only if half or more of your trip will be affected.

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