Seat Selection: Only Premium Economy Seats Left

Q. I recently checked on the USAir site for a flight I'm scheduled to take next month to Boston. There was a notice that my flights had been changed, and I needed to contact the airline. This was the only notification I received. My flight from Wilmington wouldn't land in Charlotte until after my connection to Boston had departed. I dealt with the rudest USAir rep. Long story short, she rebooked me, but wanted to charge me for a premium economy seat, because they were the only seats left. I argued that since they were the ones changing my flights I shouldn't have to pay. We left it that I would have to wait til I got to the airport for my seat assignment. Who is right here? Will I have to pay?

A. This seems to happen more and more, but there is no need to be coerced into buying a seat in premium economy. You've purchased a ticket and they'll have to give you a seat, be it a premium economy seat for free or, what is likely to happen, a seat in regular economy. Sure, you may end up in a middle seat at the back of the plane, but you'll still make it to your destination.