Q. I am planning to bring homemade jalapeno pepper jelly & pickles in my checked bag. They are in 4 oz jars and one dozen are packed in a tote. Is this allowed in a checked bag?

A. You are allowed to pack food items in your checked bag! Heck, you could even fold the entire contents of a delicious spaghetti dinner into a checkered table cloth, red wine and all, and freely toss it in your checked bag should you be so inclined. But if you plan to pack clothing alongside these jelly jars and pickles, you may consider containing them in something more substantial than a cloth tote. Even if using hardshell luggage, your bag is likely to receive some pretty rough treatment in transport (really really rough), so how about securing any potential spills with heavy duty resealable freezer bags? You'll also find leak-proof inflatable pouches available on Amazon. Good luck!

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