Q. My 14 year old daughter has 45,000 miles in the American Airlines frequent flyer program but she just got a letter saying that because there's been no activity in the account her miles will expire in December. She's not planning to fly anytime soon, and she is too young to get a credit card as a way to earn miles (I use my American Airlines Visa card to buy everything, and that's how I extend my miles). So how can we protect her miles?

A. There are several easy ways, even without a credit card or taking a flight.

Join the American Aadvantage dining program, using her frequent flyer number. Then register your credit cards on her dining account. Then just have a meal at a participating restaurant and you're all set. (American is currently have a bonus deal where you get 10,000 miles for 10 "dines" of $40 or more; you must register for this promotion).

Buy a few miles from your account to her account. There's a per-mile fee but this is an easy solution.

Or just buy something on the Aadvantage shopping portal (this applies to any airline's shopping portal by the way). Register at the portal with her frequent flyer number. Then go to a participating retailer (there are over 250 of them) and from there sign into the retailer's website in your name. Buy something using your credit card. Your daughter will get the miles even if it's bought with your card.

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