Almost all credit card issuers offer some kind of travel insurance, but they vary vastly depending on what's in your wallet or purse. The Citibank Aadvantage Visa Signature card is neither the worst nor the best in what it offers compared to other cards. Compared to the Chase Sapphire card or the United Explorer Platinum card, it's middling, although it offers more protection than, say, the Hilton HHonors card from American Express. Its definition of  "family" member is more restrictive; and it doesn't offer trip delay coverage or reimbursement for carryon luggage or electronic items lost in checked bags. 

Official contract: If you have this card, sign into your Citibank account and search for your specific coverage.

Who is covered?

The cardholder, traveling companions, spouse, domestic partner (some credit card issuers exclude these), and immediate family members, which means unmarried children under 19 or under 23 if a full-time student.  (In contrast, the Chase Sapphire Card includes a much more extensive definition of family).

What is covered?

A qualifying trip (round-trip only) charged entirely to the card.

Trip cancellation

What is covered?

Sickness, injury or death which results in medically imposed restrictions before your trip begins or a loss or theft of checked baggage. The injury must be verified by a physician. Weather events, mechanical delays and anything else is not covered.

What is not covered? 

Pre-existing conditions and anything not specified above.

Trip interruption

What is covered?

Similar to trip cancelation—sickness, injury, etc. If you need to interrupt your trip after departure, coverage kicks in.

What is not covered?

There is no coverage for severe weather, which some cards such as the Chase Sapphire card do cover.

Lost baggage

What is covered? 

Bags lost or stolen when checked only up to $3,000 (only $2,000 for New York State residents for some reason). There is no coverage apparently for carry-on luggage (some credit cards, notably American Express, provide this). You have 45 days to make a claim. Coverage is secondary to the airline's liability, which by U.S. law for domestic travel is no more than $3,400.  For international travel, airline liability is much less, so presumably if the airline only pays $1000 and your loss is $2000, the card will pony up the remainder.

What is not covered?

Electronics, cameras, jewelry, computers, and the like.

Delayed baggage

There is no coverage for delayed delivery of checked baggage. Some other credit cards provide this.

Trip delay

There is no coverage for trip delays. Some other cards provide this, usually just $100 per day for up to 3-5 days.

Capital One Venture Rewards Card

American Express

Chase Sapphire Card

The United Explorer Visa Platinum Card

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