Hilton HHonors American Express Card

Although American Express has excellent coverage for things you buy other than travel (they pioneered purchase protection, free extended warranties, and loss protection within 90 days of purchase), their travel protections are surprisingly weak.  This card offers no cancellation or delay protection, unlike cards such as the Chase Sapphire card, just baggage loss or damage protection. And the coverage is very weak for checked bags (oddly, it's a lot more for carry-ons, but airlines don't cover carry-ons at all). The limit is $250 for electronics and other valuables.  Coverage is similar for other Amex cards. See the fine print with the link below

Official contract for baggage insurance plan

What's covered

Lost, stolen or damaged baggage – you must file a written report (and show proof of said report) with the carrier before initiating a claim in the case of checked luggage; for carry-on items, there must be a written report filed with a local law enforcement agency.

What's not

There is no luggage delay benefit; the usual no cash, no baggage possessed by a person found to be committing illegal acts, etcetera.

Maximum benefit

For carry-on baggage, up to $1,250 for each covered person. For checked, the benefit maximum is $500. (Bicycles are included, when checked as baggage.) For "high-risk" items – jewelry, electronics – the max is $250 per person, less than, say, the Chase Sapphire card's $500.

Who is covered / not covered?

Cardmembers, immediate family including domestic partners.

How to file a claim

Call 800-645-9700; you have thirty days to file after suffering a loss.

 This new insurance plan offers much better lost/delayed coverage for $25 per trip.

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