Taking a vacation this summer? Haven't booked anything just yet? You're not alone. We recently asked 13,000 travelers just like you about their upcoming travel plans, and we found that while most do plan to hit the skies or roads this summer, most haven't booked their travel either.

A big part of travel planning revolves around cost. First, you have the basic costs of flights, hotels, rental cars, or transportation to and from the airport. Then, things like restaurant bills and entrance fees to local attractions start to add up. Want to know if your travel financial plan is on the right track? The average overall summer travel budget is $4,467.

It also seems that travelers have no problem taking time off to enjoy their summers. Around 32% are taking 4-7 vacation days, and 39% are taking more than 8 vacation days. Why not take some time off and enjoy the summer months?

Almost half of the travelers surveyed have yet to book their summer vacation. In fact, only 38% of travelers have fully booked their vacation, so if you're still researching, you're not alone. Flying can definitely have its pain points. Not surprisingly, expensive fares are the highest booking deterrent, followed by airline fees and then lack of space/legroom. On the other hand, Southwest Airlines can give themselves a pat on the back since an overwhelming 29% of travelers say that the airline is their favorite one to fly with, followed by Delta and JetBlue.

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