Q. My daughter, Sarah (18) and I would like to take a special, high school graduation celebratory trip to a warm, “tropical” location. She’s interested in “Caribbean” blue waters, though it doesn’t have to be in the Caribbean. We would love to snorkel. I would be interested in visiting some “ruins” on the trip, though not necessary. What we are really looking for is an inexpensive, safe, relaxing, clear-water ocean, beach vacation. It doesn’t need to be 5-star, 3 or 4 is fine. Four to six nights is probably what we could afford. We would travel in July. Could you help us with a recommendation on a destination?

A. Tulum, Mexico! It’s got everything on your list: Ruins, snorkeling, affordable. You’d fly to Cancun and go from there. Everything from sleek all-inclusive resorts to rustic tent camps and bed-and-breakfasts. I realize that Mexico has received a lot of negative media attention due to drug wars and so on, but the Cancun area has not been affected. Have a look here for general travel tips and hotel recommendations.

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