Q. Last year, I flew round-trip to Italy. From New York to Rome, I flew Alitalia instead of Delta as there were no Delta seats for that leg of the flight. On the return, I flew Delta. I contacted Delta to inquire about the Alitalia miles being added/transferred to my Delta Skymiles account. I'm told that I'm not able to do that. I'm a bit confused that these 2 airlines are codeshare partner airlines and I'm not able to move my Alitalia miles to my Delta account. Delta would have been my preferred airline for the entire trip but it wasn't an option on that leg of the trip.

Can you give me some clarity and/or advice on how I might be able to have these miles transferred to my Delta account?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer the miles. Next time, give Alitalia your Delta frequent flyer number when booking or at check in. This holds true for any codeshare flights where the airlines are partners in a frequent flyer program.

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