Q. I booked a ticket to Rome from NYC with Royal Air Maroc. Originally, my ticket had a two hour layover in Casablanca. The ticket was later changed to have a 24 hour 30 minute lay over. I travel for my job, so this was beyond an inconvenience-I have to get there on the day I originally intended in order to work.

When I called the airline, they offered to change my ticket to the previous day or give my money back. A new ticket now, so close to departure, would be much more expensive. Leaving the day before, I am left to have to pay for the extra day in Italy as well as change all other travel plans to coincide with the new departure date. Am I due any other compensation--even just an upgrade?

A. Unfortunately, there's no consumer protection in the US for this sort of scenario. Had you been flying in the opposite direction then E.U. passenger rights would have probably given you more protections. You should ask Royal Air Maroc to put you on another airline closer to the original schedule. Be firm but polite, and at the very least insist that they pay for your hotel and meals in Italy.

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